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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Poetry Contest Winners

Here are a couple of winners from the Poetry Contest held today. We will feature others over the next few days.

My Garden
by Jada Lee, 1st Grade

Flowers, Flowers, so many different types.
Some people like them, some people do not.
Flowers are beautiful to me, no matter what.

Flowers come in every color.
They can be yellow, blue, pink, purple or even white.
I pick them during the day, they grow back at night.

by Elisha Cummings, 3rd Grade

I have a new pup, a sweet little girl
to me she is the cutest little pup in the world.
Her coat is red, her eyes are brown
Her ears are long, her belly is round.
She likes to run and bark and play
And is always happy to see me at the end of the day.

Why Summer is Cool
by Dustin Fulton

You don't need school, all you need is a pool.
Instead of working all day, you can drink lemonade and play.
And when you don't have home work all you have is fun.

Tom Thumb Wedding 7:00 P.M. Tonight April 30

You are invited to the 2009 Kindergarten Class Tom Thumb Wedding Presentation tonight at 7:00. It will take place in the gym of the K-8. They have spent several hours practicing their program and they would love to share it with you. Come see them tonight in their costumes! Here's a few pictures of their practice session.

Special Poem

Mrs. Doris Stephenson had a special poem in her pocket today. It was one she had written back when she was in third grade. Here's the first stanza:

I am a tiny little thing
Always coming in the spring
My stalk is covered flat
With a white and yellow hat

Miss Doris remembers that her grandma helped her write this poem for a contest sponsored by the Junior Women's Club. She is proud to say that she won first place and received $3.00!
(Which was a good prize back in the good old days!)

Poem in Your Pocket Day

Mrs. Mitchell's class became very excited when they saw the Poem Fairy coming their way! Today was poem in your pocket day. It is actually a day that is celebrated nationally. We had several poem fairies in the school and if they caught you with a poem in your pocket, they had a little gift for you!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Progress Reports

Mid nine weeks progress reports were sent home today--Tuesday, April 28th.

Poetry Contest

The K-8 will be sponsoring a Poetry Contest on April 30th for all students. Here are the rules:

*Poems MUST be original work of the student
*The deadline for entering is 9:00 A.M.Thursday April 30th. Put your poem in the box outside Miss Alice's room.
*There will be three winners at each grade level Pre-k through 8th.
*Adults can play too, there will be a category for you.
There will be small prizes for each winner.
If you need help this website has poetry patterns to help you create your poems.

So get out your pencils and write a poem. All the winning poems will be featured on the K-8 Computer Lab Blog.

Poem In Your Pocket Day--Thursday

April is National Poetry Month, so we want to celebrate by participating in Poem in Your Pocket Day on Thursday, April 30th. To participate just write a small poem or find one to copy and place it in your pocket. There will be several poem fairies in the school on this day and they will be asking students if they have a poem in their pocket. Those who do will receive a small prize! You can find some pocket sized poems at this site .

Monday, April 27, 2009

Poem in Your Pocket Day

April 30th is Poem in Your Pocket Day and we are having a poetry contest. Promise a better post with more info--tomorrow morning. Your student should have brought home a flyer about this last week!

Gave out Spring picture orders today!

Still have plenty of yearbooks left!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


The 2009 K-8 yearbook has arrived and will go on sale Monday morning. The books will be $35.00 dollars each. We did not take orders, so no one has made a deposit.

Spring Picture Orders

The spring picture orders will be delivered on Monday, April 27th. I will try to get them all sent home on that day.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, so I wanted to share with you some facts about the things we put into the landfills. Here's how long it takes them to decompose:
Paper--2-5 months
Orange peels--6 months
Milk cartons--5 years
Plastic bags --10-20 years
Leather shoes--24 -40 years
Plastic containers--50-80 years
Disposable diapers--75 years
Tin cans--100 years
Aluminum cans--200-500 years

Tuesday, April 21, 2009