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Friday, August 29, 2008

Teddy T. Goes Dancing

Teddy T. went to dance class yesterday with Hallie. He met all her friends there! Don't be surprised if you see him do a little dance for you!

Teddy T. Travels On. . . .

Teddy T. spent Thursday night with Trey and Dalton.
Chandler and Teddy go for a bike ride.
Teddy gets to share Junior's birthday bash!
Robert and Teddy
Chelsey and Teddy and Chelsey's puppy relax at home.

Jeff With Teddy T. Bear

Jeff and Teddy had a good time playing games, going to football practice and then what better way to end the day than with a good bedtime story. Thanks Jeff, you were a good host to Teddy.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bailey and Teddy

Wow, what a time Teddy had with Bailey tonight. He has been to karate lesson, dined and played at his favorite place, McDonald's, and shopped at Walmart. Then, Bailey and her brother read him a bedtime story. Thanks, Bailey for letting Teddy share your night!

Teddy T.'s Day with Emilee

Looks like Teddy T. and Emilee rock and rolled until they were wiped out!

Teddy T. and Ivy

Teddy T. spent some time at Ivy's house last night. Looks like he is helping out with homework and then relaxing on the couch!

Teddy T. Adventures

Jonathan and his family invited Teddy T. to their home.
Andrew and Teddy T. share a bedtime story.

Katelyn and her brother take good care of Teddy T. Bear.

Jada and Teddy get ready for bed, with one of Teddy's favorite stories.

Hunter and his family enjoy spending time with Teddy T. Bear

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Teddy T and Elisabeth

Teddy T. went home with Elisabeth tonight and looks like they are having some green beans! I hope he had them for supper or maybe he is learning to can or freeze them for the winter. I'm sure Elizabeth will tell the story in Teddy's journal. And she provided him with a really cozy place to sleep.

Burtons Take Good Care of Teddy T.

Teddy T. Bear is being well-cared for by the Burton kids tonight. Their mom helped them send these pictures to share. Teddy is visiting in so many good places and being treated so well that he may become a spoiled bear!! He may have found a new home in the last picture!
Thanks, Burton Family for participating and being a great host to Teddy T.

Teddy Visits the Barber Bunch!

Teddy is must be a technology native, too! He sent me this message while visiting the Barber Family.

Ms. Delilah,

Here are my photos from my stay with Dylan Barber. I discovered that teddy bears sure do love watermelon. See you back at school.

Teddy T.

More Teddy T. Bear Adventures!

Chase and Teddy about to share some homemade pizza with his sisters!
Courtney and Teddy T. Bear

Teddy T. Bear's Travels

Teddy T. Bear had a great time with the Garrett Family. He had a lot of great adventures while visiting their farm! Thanks, Garretts for being great hosts!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008