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Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring and Class Group Pictures this Week

Spring and Class Group Pictures will be Wednesday, February 27th, for PreK-4th grade, and Thursday, February 28th, for grades 5-8. This will be the background for the Spring pictures, an old time-y classroom.
Mr. Joel suggests any colors except white!

Friday, February 22, 2013

5th Grade Talks to NASA Scientists at TTU

Pickett County K8 was one of five schools that got to talk with NASA scientists at TTU via video conference this morning. The other schools included DeKalb West, Tuckers Crossroads, Prescott South Middle School, and Doyle Elementary. All of our 5th graders got to participate in the video conference and a few got to ask the scientists questions that they came up with on their own, pertaining to the Space Launch System, while studying aspects of our Solar System and Space Travel.

The NASA Scientists talked with the students about NASA's new Space Launch System. The SLS is an advanced, heavy-lift launch vehicle which will provide an entirely new capability for science and human exploration beyond Earth's orbit. The SLS will give the nation a safe, affordable and sustainable means of reaching beyond our current limits and open new doors of discovery from the unique vantage point of space.

Here are some pictures from the video conference in Mrs. Elisabeth Johnson's classroom this morning.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ollie the Otter

Today Ollie the Otter visited PCK8. Grades PreK-4th learned about seat belt and highway safety and laws. Students learned that if you are not 4' 9" it is Booster Time, or until they are 9 years old. They were also told to be sure that Mom and Dad are buckled up for safety! And learned an "Ollie" cheer!

Friday, February 8, 2013

February Newsletter

Pickett County K8 February Newsletter

Dear Families,

February has several important activities and dates. The TCAP Writing Assessment for grades 5 and 8 is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb 5th. The 8th grade will be taking it online this year. The window for 8th grade will include the 5th, 6th, and 7th. Progress reports will go home on Friday, Feb 8th. Our students will be taking the 2nd CRA Math Test on Tuesday, Feb 12th.

Valentine's Day parties will be on Thursday, Feb 14th. Teachers will or has already sent class lists home for Valentines. If your child does not bring one home, please contact your child's teacher.

There will be no school on Monday, Feb 18th for President's Day. Spring Pictures will be taken on Wednesday, Feb 27th, for grades PreK through 4th, and Thursday, Feb 28th, for grades 5-8.

We are very excited about how our school did on the Tennessee SCORE Report. There are 5 categories of achievement gains reported in the report for both reading/language arts and math. They are as follows: green - significant positive growth, yellow - positive growth, orange - little or no growth, red - negative growth, and purple - significant negative growth. Pickett Co K8 fell into the green category for math gains, and the yellow category for reading/language arts. In reading/language arts across the state, Williamson County is the only county school system that is in the green category. Across the state, there were only 12 county systems in the yellow category of which Pickett is one of them. The rest of the county systems fell in the orange, red, and purple categories. 

This is a reminder for everyone who enters our building. Tennessee State Law requires anyone entering the building to sign in and out of the office. We have a morning visitor sign in sheet by the front office door until 8:15. After 8:15, everyone MUST come into the office and pick up a numbered visitor badge. If your badge is not visible, teachers and staff may ask if you have signed in at the office. Please return the badge when you sign out in the office as you leave. We appreciate everyone's cooperation as this concerns the safety of students and staff.

Important Dates for February:
Feb 5th, 6th and 7th - TCAP Writing Assessment - Grades 5 and 8
Feb 12th - CRA Math Test
Feb 18th - NO SCHOOL - President's Day
Feb 26th - high school play
Feb 27th - Spring Pictures - PreK - 4th
Feb 28th - Spring Pictures - 5th - 8th