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Monday, March 18, 2013

5th Grade Earthquake Reenactments

Mrs. Elizabeth's 5th Grade Science students reenacted an Earthquake by imitating the different seismic waves. Their knowledge of the Earth and its layers helped them to determine the focus an the epicenter of the quake as it occurred. They all had a Rockin' Good Time!

Friday, March 15, 2013

π National Pi Day π

Mrs. Suiter's 6th grade classes celebrated π National Pi Day π on 3.14. The classes enjoyed circular snacks and drinks and reviewed using π in Math.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2013 Jr. Pro Gets Underway

Last night, March 11th, was the first night of Jr. Pro Basketball games here at the K8. We had a great turnout and hope to see all the parents and fans at all of the games. Games will continue on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays through April 9th. However, there will be no games held during the days of Spring Break! Good Luck to all the teams playing! 

Here are a few pictures from last night's 3rd and 4th grade game and the 5th and 6th grade action.

Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 T-N-T State Tourney Awards

Two 7th students from the K8 received awards today from their play in the T-N-T State Tournament, which is held in Springfield, TN each February. Dawson Abbott was named to the All State team and Johnathan Crawford was named as Honorable Mention. Great job guys, and Great Job to all the team members that made it to State Tournament play.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Jr Pro Rules 2013

4 on 4 for grades 1st and 2nd
Goal will be lowered for 1st and 2nd
5 on 5 for grades 3rd through 6th

7 fouls 1 and 1
  10 fouls 2 shots
5 fouls per player

2 per Half
8 minute quarters - clock runs except for last 2 minutes of game
NO back court pressure except last 2 minutes of the game

Play Time
All players must play 2 quarters
Each player must sit out 1 quarter
Substitutions must be made by the quarter only, unless 
a player becomes injured or asks to come out of the game.

The tennis court can be used for practice
The playground court may also be used for practice
You may also sign up to use the gym when available

Coaches, Parents, and Spectators should display good sportsmanship at ALL times.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Class Group Pictures

 The Class Group Pictures will include the names of all the students pictured.

Mrs. Connie Sells


 Mrs. Angie Bilbrey

 Mrs. Angie Robbins

Mrs. Helen Booher

1st Grade
 Mrs. Kim Stockton

 Mrs. Kara Gibson

 Ms. Brittany Guffey

 Mrs. Danielle Sells

2nd Grade
 Mrs. Stephanie Norris

 Mrs. Jamie Evans

 Mrs. Leah Amonett

3rd Grade
 Ms. Robin Storie

Mrs. Sally Pendergrass

Mrs. Julia Barber

4th Grade
 Mrs. Barb Gibson

 Ms. Tommie Nell Smith

 Mrs. Shelia Jolly

5th Grade 
 Mrs. Angie Davis

 Mrs. Lisa Suiter

 Mrs. Emily Bilbrey

6th Grade
 Mrs. Jane Winningham

 Ms. Peggy Smith

7th Grade
 Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson

 Mrs. Misty Dowdy

 Mrs. Sarah Tompkins

8th Grade
 Mrs. Patty Melton

 Mrs. Pauletta Dowdy

Mr. Hile Cummings