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Friday, August 7, 2009

Safety Procedures for Weather Related Lock Down

We want to share with you our policy on weather related lock downs. A copy of this information will also be sent home to you.

Once our school system is notified of tornado warnings, we will go into lock down. Lock down is defined as all students and all staff being relocated to safe areas in the building.

Some of the many ways our system is notified of these situations include the following:
*During severe weather threats there is continuous communication between the local Sheriff's Office and the Central Office
*Local TV stations
*Local radio stations
*Weather radios in several locations
*Communication with neighboring school systems who keep us informed of current conditions in their area

This is the current procedures for lock down during severe weather:

When the Central Office is notified that tornado warnings are two counties away, schools will go into lock down and all students and staff will go to the designated safe area.

K-8 designated safe areas are just beyond the vending areas in each hallway which is designed with high-wind walls for protection.

High School designated safe area is the downstairs, underground locker rooms in the gym.

Each safe area is equipped with the following:
*first aid kid
*bathroom facilities
*drinking fountains
*Snacks and drinks will be provided in case of an extended stay
*Effective communications with appropriate school officials

Student Release
Once in lock down students WILL NOT be released from the building until the threat of severe weather has passed.

While in lock down the buses will not run. In the event tornado warnings are issued before buses run in the morning, buses will not run until the tornado warnings have expired

These procedures have been established for the protection and safety of our students. We appreciate your cooperation. If you have questions please call the Director of Schools, Diane Elder at 864-3123

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